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By: J Nighteagle




No one truly knows how a pendulum works. Through it, libraries of information otherwise deemed unavailable can be accessed through the operators nervous system. Perhaps the diviner is accessing the super conscious that connects all humans about which Jung theorized.


That the world is composed of vibrations has certainly been established. Everything is in constant motion, whether we can see it or not. Each object has an electromagnetic field, humming to its own unique frequency. Could it be that the pendulum is tuning in to these vibrations, and by synchronizing itself with the object, person or place in question, accessing the answers we seek?


To this day, Polish girls string a ring through a lock of their hair and hold it over a glass of water on St. Edwards Day. By counting the rotations, the age they will marry will be revealed. Then holding a pendulum over her hand, a young woman can count the number of times the pendulum stops between rotations to reveal how many children she will have – clockwise for boys and counterclockwise for girls.


One woman recalls counting the rotations as a young girl and could not believe she would be so old when she married. But the pendulum spoke truly – she was thirty two years old on her wedding day.


Like any other form of divination, the pendulum requires regular and disciplined use to achieve reliable answers. T. C Lethbridge believed only two-thirds of the population could master it. Most believe, however, that anyone can learn to use a pendulum with disciplined, regular study.


As with all things, the more energy and time devoted to it, the more reliable it will become.





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