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By: Office Staff
Oh yes ladies you have seen them, you have dated them…oh yes, ah “The Player.” Now, now to be fair woman can definitely be “The Players” too. Now why are they players, that’s the question? Here are the top 10 reasons why the bad boys gone bad or should I say sour. And for those of us who still believe in True Love we thought it only fair to help you out with the top 10 warning signs to stay clear of these stanky stenchers.

Why do players play?
10. Players generally don’t look at their prey as their equal. They see others as lesser beings, and theirs to play with. They know you have feelings, but they don’t care or respect them.
9. Lacking self worth or confidence. The more they conquer the higher they rank themselves. They have also built up the wall, social masonry. Not wanting to show anyone who they really are inside for fear of rejection.
8. Mommy or Daddy syndrome. No one will ever measure up or be good enough.
7. Testing your love, attempting to make lovers jealous makes them feel wanted. Sound like 3rd grade anyone?
6. Punishing future and present lovers for a past lovers rejection or indiscretions. Everyone must pay! Poor little Jonny got rejected by little Susie when he was 14 for having too many pimples, now all woman are Susies to him.
5. Drama mamas, getting someone to fall apart or create a scene over them. In return getting a twisted self-satisfaction, which only temporally makes them feel good.
4. Self absorbed. Me, me, me, me. Any questions?
3. They need to have control, so that they are in charge of the rejection or acceptance. You must play by their house rules.
2. Pride. Too proud for the relationship.
1. And the number one reason, The Power Trip!

Warnings Signs:
1. They won’t call you by your name. Uses sweetie, babe, and honey a lot. Did they forget which one you are?
2. Does not let you meet their family or friends or does not want to meet yours. Will not take you to their home.
3. Vampire hours, only calls, texts or visits at night.
4. Won’t take you out in public.
5. Never stays the whole night or more than one day. Always in a rush.
6. Inconsistent behavior. Their up their down, their left and their right.
7. Narcissistic, overly concerned with their appearance or looks.
8. Does not make future plans, only short notice.
9. Overly complimentary, lays it on too thick. You’re beautiful, can you have my babies?
10. Always has excuse or reason for all of the above.

Someone once gave me the best piece of advice when I was 18 and just about to move to NYC and I always find myself coming back to it over and over again. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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