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by: J Nighteagle



Everything in nature resonates with the force of the Divine Spirit. Each animal, plant, bird, and stone reflect this spirit in its own way. The more you are able to aline with it and create your own resonance, the easier it will be to understand what nature is saying.


Throughout time, one of the most common and effective means of attuning to nature was imitation of it. Individuals would assume postures and movements of animals and incorporate them into sacred dances. Throughout the dance and a costume depicting the animal, the individual could take on the identity of the totem.


Every animal has its own movements and postures. Costumes and movements can be employed to awaken to the arc typical force behind various animals. An individual could crouch like a Lion, creep like a turtle, hop like a bird. A bran owl will often rock side to side to assist itself in pin pointing a location of prey through sight and sound. Great horned owls will clack their beaks together as a warning. Vultures will, upon rising, will face the Sun and spread their wings outward.                       :


Adopting the movements and guise of your animal is a way of reawakening yourself to the essence of it and spirit manifesting through it. This helps you to shape shift your normal consciousness to a stronger perception and consciousness of that particular expression of Nature. Examine some of the Eastern sciences such as yoga, Taoism, and kung fu. They are filled with movements reflecting animals. They will stimulate ideas which you can imitate and use effectively to aline with your animal totem. Find books and videos on the behavior of birds and animals and study their basic postures and movements. Go to the zoo or nature center and observe how they move and stand. How do they hold their heads? How do they place their feet when they walk? Then when you are at home, imitate them. See it as a form of dance that honors your totem and invokes its energy more dynamically into your life.


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