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By: Alex




It never fails to amaze me just how powerful Mercury Retrogrades can be. I spoke to a mechanic I know a few days ago. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, and was working on a car that needed a new transmission. He had replaced it with a brand new transmission twice, and was waiting for the manufacturer to confirm his diagnosis and suggest the next course of action. In addition he had decided to move back to his home state to start his own business.


Just out of curiosity I mentioned all this to Kat, one of Fortell’s psychics. I was mainly curious about how his new endeavor would turn out.


Kat said this mechanic would not be able to find a place to live that was affordable, nor would he be able to acquire the money to fund his new business. She also said he would be back here in a few months.


Mercury Rules communications, travel, contracts, electronics and automobiles. When Mercury is retrograde, it’s not a good time to start new projects, get your car fixed, or sign new contracts. Things seem to go slowly and there can be a lot of delays. People can become more angry and frustrated than usual.


One of the themes during Mercury Retrograde is having to redo previous work because you overlooked some detail. My mechanic friend is evidence of this. As for myself, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to redo something recently with a computer I’ve been trying to resurrect.


The latest problems with this computer had to do with a monitor that was acting strangely. It would come on for a few seconds and then shut off. I finally opened up the computer, vacuumed it out and reseated all the cards and memory after cleaning the contacts with electrical contact cleaner. That finally seems to have done the trick.


In this case the cause of the problem was static electricity buildup due to an abundance of dust in the electronic components. It was strange because I had read about this problem years ago, and since it was an extreme case it stuck in my mind. Then just recently someone I knew started reciting the symptoms and I thought – hey, that sounds familiar. But for some reason I didn’t think it would happen to me!


There will be 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2016. We’ve already had one and are in the middle of the current one. Here are the dates:


Mercury Retrogrades in 2016

January 5 to 25

April 28 to May 22

August 30 to September 22

December 19 to 31


All I can say is take it easy, try not to get too upset when things don’t go the way you planned, and understand that communications may be problematical.


During a Mercury Retrograde I used to think that the best place to be would be on vacation somewhere. However after I thought it through more carefully I realized I could wind up stuck at an airport somewhere! So my vote is to stay at home.



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