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By: Jenny



As we enter into this month, a lot came to mind about Scorpios. The one thing in particular is their very intense, bold and deep love lives they carry by nature. Because they often times come across as mysterious, and can be misunderstood, I thought I’d shed a little more light on these powerful and sensual lovers.


Seducing the Scorpio Man


You know this man, I know him, and we all know someone like him. His powerful presence makes him hard to ignore. His confident speaking ability so suave and charming it can put any one at ease. He’s the authority figure, the powerful executive, the intense intellect we all sometimes pine for… He pushes the right buttons and says the right things. He knows exactly how to make you want him, without even a warning he’s got you right under his thumb without even so much as a warning. He may seem like the almost unobtainable, mysterious and emotionally unavailable male we’ve met before, but don’t judge so quickly. These are just some of the misunderstood traits of this bold, direct and calculating Scorpio man.


The Scorpio man is not as impossible as we may think or make him out to be. The emotions, attitude and sexuality of this man are all ingrained with his natural, incredible power. He is attracted to the same boldness and confidence he exudes himself, especially when dealing with sexuality. His dates are lively and you will find no dullness in them. He makes keen observations and is an avid listener. He pays close attention to his date. Whether it’s the things you say, the flow of your hair, your personal style even down to the shape of your lips, he takes it all in. He loves to be intrigued by his potential mates.


His actions speak volumes about his level of interest. There is no need for constant reassurance for the Scorpio man cannot keep his eyes or hands to himself when he feels he’s found someone. Although the Scorpio man may not believe in love at first sight, when he does find it, he will almost seem like he can never get enough. As one of the most impressive lovers in zodiac, he has an unmatched soulful passion in bed. You will have with him one of the most active and lively sex lives you’ve ever experienced.


As your relationship with the always-confident Scorpio progresses, you will never doubt his feelings for you. They will never be unclear; He is always direct and compassionate. He keeps a strong, passionate relationship for whom he loves. He will give you the sense of safety and be your protector. He learns everything he can from you and will know everything you want, and with that, he will give you everything you need, although always remaining in control of the relationship. This is a trait often misunderstood just as his independence and need for privacy are often times taken as being deceptive and secretive. However, as you’ve read the Scorpio man has no need to be deceptive or secrecy, He is someone who knows what they want, what they like and use their natural gifts of confidence and power to assert their wishes and desires. He loves the sense of loyalty from his partner and once he gets that he will make them the center of his universe.


Just like the scorpion, he will not sting unless felt threatened or provoked. It is all or nothing with him. He does not play games. He does not forgive and forget so easily as well. His sting packs as much power as he does and enough venom to destroy your inner being.


To seduce the Scorpion man it takes knowing the Scorpion man himself. When courting a female his personality is one that wants a WOMAN. He has no time for the games insecure girls like to play. He wants a bold, sensual, sexually confident woman who can be wild yet also take direction from him. He loves to feel dominant but never in a way to devalue or disrespect his partner. When the Scorpio man is courting another man, he wants someone to assert their feelings as boldly as he does and share an open and honest sex life, but to know when to take the backseat at his command.
The Scorpio man makes for a powerful, intense and compassionate relationship to have, if this opportunity arises, jump on this chance to have an intense personal relationship like never before.


Seducing the Scorpion Woman


The Scorpion Queen. She is intense, mysterious and fierce. She is also one of the more misunderstood of the female zodiac signs. Some descriptions have painted her in such an unflattering light, as a tyrant of a woman hell bent on control and too emotionally intense. Women by nature are emotionally intense creatures, but the highly intuitive Scorpio woman knows when to open up and when to shut up, other than just knowing how to shut you up. She is a low maintenance, non-clingy partner.  She’s a keen observer and knows how to win at any situation that comes at her. She does not have time for time wasters or game-player and if her excellent sense of intuition tells her that, she will leave you at the door before you can even get a foot in.


She is a strong, assertive woman who is enthralling and challenging. However, with the challenge of this woman comes the powerful rewards of a deep and loving, loyal partner.


Because of her strong sense of self she may not give up her heart so willingly and easily to just anyone that walks in her life. Not only because of her strong demeanor but also because she may have been hurt before, and Scorpio woman are not always the easiest hearts to break, so they can be even harder to open back up. If a potential lover can keep her comfortable and relaxed, keep an open and honest line of communication, you can get inside that door.
She is passionate and open to new and exciting things. She admires the same passion in a lover and someone who can introduce her to new experiences. She is cautious and does not like to feel forced into opening up about certain subjects, but when she feels fit to due so she will reveal more and more about her self.


Scorpio women like genuine affection from their lovers. She wants to feel a real connection and a genuine want for her by her potential partner. She has a very sexual nature and even touching her hand or brushing her arm can lead you on the path of seduction with her.


This woman gives you a 100% and expects the same in return. This intense, passionate and captivating woman will have you fall deeply in love with her and once she has you, she wants all of you. This is one of her traits that some can find possessive. Nevertheless, she will love you back with the same intensity and take very good care of you. Sex with the Scorpio woman is an experience that no words can quite describe. This is an experience; you would need to have to understand the depth of her passionate and intense descriptions. She has a vivid imagination, she can share your wild fantasies, or perhaps open you up to worlds you’ve never even been before.


Do not think to cross the Scorpio woman for her fierce nature will unleash a fury so remarkable you be impressed if it was directed at someone else. In this sense their reputation as vindictive and strong willed holds up, the Scorpio woman’s stinger is powerful and not to be taken lightly. Keep an honest relationship with her, no matter what your intentions with her are. Although she may be intimidating, she respects and commands a certain level of honesty from her lovers and if you give her this she will breathe new life into you and awaken your deepest desires.

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