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By: Alex


I was wondering about something this morning and decided to ask one of Foretell’s psychics
about it. I have to warn you though, that the things I tend to wonder about are not the kinds of things most other people wonder about. That often gets me into some strange territory. I talked to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics, with these questions in mind.


It occurred to me that if I have a soul, is it possible that a planet also would have one? Years ago
I had heard of something called the “Gaia” theory, which basically says that the Earth is alive. And if the Earth is alive, what about the other planets?


Kat said that yes, planets do have an “essence” that is alive. I asked her about Mars because that
is a planet that a lot of people are interested in and which appears to be dead. She said Mars was


Mars had life on it millions, maybe billions of years ago. I know this because I had a past life
there during that time. I had always assumed that when Mars lost its atmosphere that the planet
basically died. However, if it’s just resting, then maybe at some future point it could have life on it again. How interesting.


Kat said all the other planets also each had an “essence”. That made me wonder whether the
planets all have different personalities… But that’s getting into another subject. I asked her whether everything in the universe had a “spirit” – by that I meant inanimate objects. She said yes. I didn’t go any further since I was tired and I thought that was quite enough to think about for a while.


When you ask an open question with an open mind, what comes up as an answer frequently
challenges your previously held ideas about things. This can be quite a shock. A good psychic can help you work through your own denial and difficulties in accepting the truth.


This might sound strange, but ignorance ultimately can be quite exciting. It means that we still
have a lot to learn about the things that we take for granted. We don’t have to go spend millions of dollars trying to explore outer space, or the bottom of the ocean to find mysteries to explore because they are literally inside us and all around us.


Just think of the things that you have always wondered about, or something that bothers you.
“What about THIS?” And off you’ll go to make your own discoveries.


In my case there are several large questions that people typically ask that I think I am beginning
to understand the answers to. I say “beginning” because while the answers I have gotten seem rather complete, eventually you want to know more – and there always seems to be “more” to know.


Understanding, like everything else in life, is a process. We have to first of all realize our own
ignorance. Then we have to ask the right questions to move beyond our ignorance. “Well if that’s not true, then what is the truth?” And we have to be willing to wait for the answers. That opens the door to new revelations. These things form the foundation of other things that come later.


True knowledge is a process that begins with acknowledging one’s own shortcomings and
limitations. As that happens, the door opens to learning and understanding more of “how things really are”. I can tell you from experience that this is a pretty awe inspiring process and one that Foretell’s psychics have helped me with immeasurably.

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