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By: Nancy

The other day when I was outside early in the morning as I often awake before the sun comes up and the fog was thick in dark rainy cold weather I find a miracle to hold onto often by nature around in an enchanting world full of fog that I found dramatic. I love soaking up the feeling of nature around me at the moment to be connected to Gods world in my inner being and ducks flew overhead in their formation shape traveling with their wings flapping so fast on their way to the lake nearby in the valley I live in. They carried a message from God by their squawking as they flew overhead as I channel God by the sound of the birds as he speaks through them and by a dogs bark and a cats purring as the animals are connected to God in a universal communication, he may tell one animal information and they tell the animals all over the world to carry the message by their telepathic universal communication ability they know and the animals carry the words of wisdom to the psychics who can hear them as pet psychics and mediums capable of receiving the information and to everyone who wants to listen, as trying to recieve the spiritual insight you may inside your soul and spirit just by asking to as your Guardian Angels walking beside you and flying above you do know and they can tell the animals as the animals can hear the Angels as they are in their own psychic universe surrounding people as Angels on earth communicating by their voices and flapping of their wings to a purr and bark to reach a person who’s willing to hear what they want you to know as a soar or sit outside your window singing a tune of spiritual notes to tell you something important.

By listening you may know subconsciously within your soul as a subliminal message from heaven above and around you now as the Angels are blessing you now as you have them by your side guarding you with their heavenly realm on earth light to sky rocket above to tell God the notes they took about you that day and evening and they have many ways of reaching people by a divine intervention such as a cat or dog or bird you know what the person needs to hear and be aware of and ideas for them for their subconscious mind as Angels provide an instinct in times of your life a sudden inspiration idea thought they may bring to you by an animal weather its a flock of ducks flying over head standing in the gloomy fog with daylight shooting up from the earth or from your cat purring by your side or a neighbors dog barking as you walk by to bring you a message that you may hear if you listen or you may know inside your soul and spirit within as being connected to the spiritual world of miracles as believers much good can appear in your life by holding onto a positive note as the squawking of ducks singing words out flying past on a gloomy day thats enlightened by their presence to know they carry a spiritual message that one needs to know. To stand in the sun with a butterfly landing nearby is to see the positive in the world to know a magical spiritual world has positive messages as if they knew to land by you to brighten your day and dogs that are so cute smiling at you walking past muttering a hello from their breathe as they amuse people and know so and to pay attention to the messages the animals carry to you by Gods and the Angels who guard you is to be connected to the spiritual world and your inner self of wisdom to know to appreciate the world and to notice the small miracles that happen around you is to have answers brought to you by animals and birds who fly by for a reason.

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