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By: J Nighteagle



A universe, a single song of ever changing rhythms and harmonies. Sustaining the melody of the physical world is a rich interplay of counter-point and decent. We see only a fraction of the band of radiation that makes up the spectrum; we only hear only a small range of possible frequency of sound.


Ordinarily, we are conscious of only one, isolated melody; we listen to only a piccolo out of an entire orchestra. To trance is to shift and expand our awareness: to pick out the beat of the drum, the throbbing violins, the cry of saxophones, To know the interwoven harmonies played in new keys, to thrill to the soaring symphony itself.


Deeper levels of trance may open up paranormal senses, psychic awareness, precognition. We may empathize and connect with other beings and life forms; in Balinese, the word for trance means “ to become. “ Trance states, states of non-ordinary consciousness, have been called by many names: expanded awareness, meditation, hypnosis, “getting high.”


Trance teachings are found in every culture and religion-from the rhythmic chant of a Siberian shaman to free association on a Freudian analyst’s couch. The pull to burst beyond the limits of the socially conditioned mind seems to be a deep-seated human need. There are an infinite variety of possible states of trance.


We all experience light trance whenever we are daydreaming; concentrating deeply, watching a play, film or television show; turning attention inward; and forgetting the sensory world. In deep states, we may have experiences such as John C Lilly describes: “I moved into a region of strange life forms, neither above nor below the human level, but strange beings, of strange shapes, metabolisms, thought forms, and so forth. These beings reminded me of some of the drawings I had seen of Tibetan gods and goddesses, of ancient Greek portrayals of their gods and of some of the bug-eyed monsters of science fiction.”



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