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By: Erin

Summer is coming to an end and the days are getting cooler, shorter, and there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day left after getting the kids ready for school, car inspections, packing up the summer clothes, and whatever else you’ve got going on. Ahhh, I know, just thinking about your “To Do” list is enough to make most of us wanna pull out our hair but wait! I’ve come up with a way to take some of those stressers down a notch and make life easier by doing just the simplest things.
Five days is all it takes. Cut down a bit each day and you will find you have more time to take care of your responsibilities and have time at the end of each day to spend relaxing with the ones you love. Try it. What have you got to lose?
On Monday, get rid of some of the clutter either in your home or in your office. Realistically, you only need 10-15 min to do this. Get rid of all the junk mail, sort the laundry, trash anything you have no need for anymore, clean out the fridge, whatever. By spending just a few minutes reducing your clutter will set the pace for the rest of the week and if you keep up with it every Monday for those few minutes, it won’t keep piling up and seem like the never ending pit of madness.
Tuesday, fix a lightbulb, WD-40 the cabinet that’s been squeaking for 6 months, sew on the button that fell off your favorite sweater last year, whatever small tasks you’ve been putting off since who knows when, spend a few min and fix some of them. Don’t make it an all day thing. You don’t have to fix everything at once. Just spend 10-15 min on one thing each Tuesday and BAM! No more little annoyances and you can focus on other things.
Wednesday avoid time wasters. What do you do that can be simplified? Errands, closets, is your car a dumpster on wheels? Figure out which errands are a priority vs. time wasters and just get done what you have to get done. Don’t waste time, energy, or gas running all over town if it is not necessary. I recently saw something about simplifying your closets by facing all of your hangers one way then every time you wear that article of clothing put it back on the hanger and fact the hanger the opposite way. At the end of each season donate all the clothes that you didn’t wear. This will help you downsize each season and you aren’t just throwing clothes in boxes or in the back of the closet. You just got rid of your clutter on Monday, don’t start piling it up again!
On Thursday take a few minutes to do some light cleaning. Take out the trash, wipe down the counters, dust, sweep, whatever. Just 5 minutes on each. Call family members you’ve been meaning to get in contact with and update them on what’s been going on in your life. Owe someone a thank you note? Write it. Overdue for a checkup? Call the doctor, dentist, whoever and set up appointments and get them out of the way. Better to get your flu shots before flu season and having to wait until it’s too late. Getting sick will not help what we are trying to accomplish here would it? Basically, use this day to get done anything you need to in order to relax on your weekends.
Friday, ah, the last day in the 5 day plan. Take some me time. Read a couple chapters of a book you got for your birthday last year but never got a chance to read it. Get a nice hot shower. Take a walk around the block. Take this time to do whatever you gotta do to keep your mind clear.
There ya go folks, 5 days. A few minutes each day dedicated to your chores. Keep it simple. Hopefully this is helpful to those of you who, like me, have a panic attack when you think about how much you have to get done each day. Hakuna Matada. No worries. Enjoy your weekends spending time doing things that bring you happiness with the people you love.


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