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By: Alex



Kat, (one of Foretell’s psychics), had a dog named Tom who suddenly had to be put to sleep in

January. It was devastating. We had known him in many of our previous lives, and he was a very

special dog. Tom was very intense, a real character, and if you ever wanted a dog that would defend

you, he was it. I always had to keep a tight grip on his leash when we went out. If he ever saw or even

smelled a cat or a squirrel he would go crazy. And if a raccoon got into the back porch, well he wasn’t

going to leave that alone either. It’s a good thing houses have doors!



Tom and one of the other dogs would sometimes do what we called “Mouth Jousting”, where

they would snarl and snap at each other, showing their fangs, but they would never bite each other. It

was mostly a territorial dispute I suppose, but it was hilarious to watch.



Kat felt that Tom would come back to her very soon. Sure enough, about two weeks ago, he

did. She had been looking online for a Miniature Pinscher to adopt, and found one. The moment she

looked in his eyes she knew it was him. While he is a MinPin, he looks more like an Italian Greyhound.

He has a very sleek, narrow body with long legs and his coat is the color of honey. And he loves to run.



Although he had a name, Kat wanted to call him Ramses, after one of the Egyptian Pharaohs. After about a week we both realized that he didn’t really seem to respond to that name, so I told Kat to

ask him what he wanted to be called. She didn’t get an answer right away, but eventually it came to her. His name was Horus, one of the Egyptian gods. He seems to be happy with it.



This dog is incredibly beautiful. He is a very sweet, bouncy puppy and will jump into your lap

with no warning and no hesitation. If you could put all your stereotypical ideas about puppies into one

dog, he would be it. Playful, spontaneous, boundless energy, total innocence and complete love. What’s not to like?



Well, he has been a complete terror to Kat’s other dogs. So much so that for the first week or so

they would go hide when he was around. I called him the Chew Monster. He chews everything. He

chews plastic bottles, he chewed the stuffing out of one of the pillows, he chews on the other dogs. I

even brought over a pair of work gloves, but he seems to like chewing on my hands more. I just grab a

toy and throw it to distract him, but eventually he just comes back.



I saw him chasing some leaves that were being blown by the wind the other day. It was so

funny it made me laugh. It was surreal, like a scene from a movie. But he didn’t know what they were.

It was all new to him.


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