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By: J Nighteagle



Totems can be used for meditation; one method of utilizing spirit guides or totems are to notice the creatures that enter your life or spirit path (we have many throughout our lives) and the message they bring in relation to you current life focus to assist, guide, and teach in an effort to live life happy and content.


We can utilize animal guides to guide us out of a subject that the answer to may elude us or boggle us. There is no power in the animal itself but in its meaning to you and, how you use the insight. Some times if we step away a bit, we can gain more insight into ourselves, and our environment; which is alive and possess meaning and solution. In prayer we think deeply and gain meaning through deep thought and intention; this is similar to utilizing totems.


A quiet place conducive to meditation no distractions or noise; and we do not force guidance, we ask and must follow the meaning, or determine that this is not for us and move on; never the less the major message is to respect ourselves, others, and mother nature.


If you would like more information on some aspect of fallowing spirit guides, or animal guides several sources can be found on the internet or you local book store.


Live Well…


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