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By: John McGrath



There is an invisible force within us that drives us. It is this invisible force that helps us stay healthy – both mentally and physically. But when there is a disruption in this invisible force, several kinds of problems can arise. An answer to such problems is healing. Healing is defined and understood in several ways. While a dictionary defines it as a process of repair by natural processes, in all truth healing is all about bringing back the balance within the body. Healer John Mcgrath who has gained immense popularity due to his experience and success is a bio energy and chakra healer. His work proves time and again that healing is nothing but belief in the practice. John Mcgrath has been recognized nationally and internationally.


The Power of the Mind


Healers believe that the mind is the most powerful organ of the body. In fact it is not just healers, but recognised medical practitioners have also proved time and again that the brain is connected to every part of the body. Healers say that when the mind resolves to cure the body, there is no stopping it. However, many wonder how to direct the mind towards this goal. This is where healers come into the picture. Basically their job is to identify body energy and redirect them towards mental and physical stability.


Chakra Healing – An Ancient Art Practiced by Healers


Chakra healing is an ancient art that has been greatly referred in the Hindu religious texts. ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word which means a wheel. Chakras are believed to be vital life centres within human body that helps maintain physical and mental balance. Chakra healing thus implies understanding the values of Chakras and utilising them to treat people.


Chakra healing believes that there are seven chakras which are essentially openings into energy points within a body. Essentially these chakras vibrate at various frequencies and hence transmit energy. These chakras while transmitting energy balance the functioning of the body. Many times due to physical weakness or mental weakness it disrupts the functioning of these chakras. Chakra healers believe that when such problems arise, these seven chakras can be opened and re-balanced. This helps in clearing any blockages and thus enables the invisible energies to flow freely in the body.


It is important in Chakra healing to believe in the practice. Utilising the senses is very important in Chakra healing. As John Mcgrath believes, it is essential that we trust the invisible force that lies within us. However, it is very difficult to identify this invisible force in the beginning and thus it is the job of the Chakra healers to help us redirect these forces.


During a healing session, a healer will run his hand over the body in order to identify the energy blockages. Once they are identified, through a process that is calming and non-evasive, treatment then begins. John Mcgrath’s healing is known for his hands and ability to treat all kinds of problems.



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