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By: J Nighteagle

© Adrenalinapura | - Five Senses Photo
© Adrenalinapura | - Five Senses Photo





Go out and find yourself a peaceful place among trees, on a hillside, or near a river or stream. If that s difficult because you live in a big city, there must be a park near by where you can get away from the hurly-burly and pace of modern civilization and where you can be surrounded by  some natural beauty. Look for a tree that has a fair amount of space around it, and one with a good, thick trunk. Sit with your back against it, so that the trunk supports your back and you can sit upright in comfort. Sit facing the direction of the Sun.


The idea is to spend a few minutes concentrating on each of your senses in turn: Watch the sunlight dance on the leaves of the trees. Or notice the rich range of green and brown. Explore the colors of flowers or shrubs, and the crinkly pattern of leaves. If it is winter examine the texture of the tree trunks and the arms and fingers of the branches. Watch the clouds scamper across the sky. Consider the weave of the grass near your feet. Just put all your attention into looking. Then switch your attention to listening. Hear the whisper of the wind in the trees, the song of the birds, the melody of the flowing water, the hum of the insects. Just listen for the sounds of nature.


Next, concentrate your attention on your sense of touch. Feel the warmth of the sun on your cheek, the caress of the wind in your hair, or the kiss of rain on your lips. Take off your shoes and let your feet sink into the soft, springy soil beneath you. Feel your oneness with Nature. Smell the sent of the grass, the sweet fragrance of flowers, the solid earthiness of the soil beneath your feet. Put all your attention into your sense of smell so that you breath in the flagrance of Nature.


Then taste. Television commercials invite us to taste the freshness of certain foods, and that may be an exaggeration. But your taste buds will respond to the true freshness of Nature. Discover the taste in fresh air that starts the saliva flowing – and that’s no exaggeration.


Spend at least five minutes or so in putting each of your senses to work in this way, and you will experience a contact with Nature that you have, perhaps, not known before. Indeed, if you will spend a little time in this tranquillity, if only for a half hour or so once a week, within a few weeks you will recognize for yourself an opening up of your senses, a sharpening of your intuitiveness and creativity, and an awareness of the spirit of things. And one day when you preform this exercise you will become aware of the sounds behind those of the Earth, the hidden sounds of Nature as the Indian was so readily able to do. When that day comes, as it will, you will understand the heart of the Redman.





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  1. Thank you I was just thinking about why I was so obess with the weather and death. I always wonder , its like I can understand the waves and watch the storms through the window ,understanding whenever the wind and raindrops and this feeling with death I feel the way a person about to go before it happen and if I know the person the feeling is as I help them cross over, I speak something and it happen ,go on level most wouldn’t dare go. Then I read your message and. I just want to say thank you for verifying my connection with nature. Thank you

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