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By : Nikki Savage


It is interesting to me how collectively we are so mistrusting of the expansive possibilities in this world.  But tell us something to fear, well, that we find a bit easier to believe.  Sometimes fear paralyzes us.  Or, it does that to me anyways.  But I’m working on trusting the possibilities and seeing through the fear.  I’m tired of being programmed to accept limiting beliefs and being guarded when it comes to limitless potential.  Even if it means I’m crazy.


Every living thing is of the same energy.   Some say it is in the center of each of us.  Like the core in our Earth and the sun in our galaxy.  It is the energy that enlivens everything and has an infinite number of ways to express itself.  And here we are, each having a slice of this energy and free will to boot.  We have the amazing opportunity to experience living during this particular expression of life.  Maybe we have other chances at it, infinite expressions of ourselves. Maybe some in this particular form already.  Maybe we get glimpses of how else this life has played out in our imaginings, past lives in our daydreams, alternate realities in our night dreams.


I know.  It does sound crazy I guess.  But try to imagine infinity – no boundaries, no endings.  What can be impossible where there are no boundaries?


So if we can accept there might be an infinite source or if we believe we have everlasting souls or if we can understand that energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed (which has been proven – yay science!), then mustn’t we also accept that nothing is too crazy in this limitless space, especially things that can be imagined by our limited minds?


There is more to this place than we can possibly fathom.  More than we may see in this lifetime.  But the stuff our souls are made of  is beyond the container of time and space.  And I believe the world needs us to start thinking beyond those limits.  Anyone agree?
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4 Responses

  1. I absolutely agree that everything in our universe and beyond are connected. Our Creator made everything to work in sequence and together.
    Although, at the present time I think that big government and other such groups or affiliated ppl are always trying to either prove this wrong with science or anything else so that we may conform. But I’m not in that game.

  2. Humans are programmed to have unlimited desires, we always want to acquire more, experience more, we’re never satisfied with the existing possibilities because we are unlimited in our thinking, we frequently desire to bring our thoughts into reality that’s why we always feel the need to search for better solutions and advancement in technology as we frequently imagine, and sometimes we barely achieve half to our thought and that’s what has brought about the existence of limitations and boundary.
    If we sometimes learn to accept our physical limitations and boundaries, then we can actualize the feeling of being free and unlimited in our minds, not everyone can walk on water like Jesus did, but if we don’t feel the need to walk on water, we won’t have the feelings of being limited, whether we know it or not, we all perform some miracles on our own, if you are able to plant a seed and it grows, that one miracle on it’s and if you’re satisfied with doing just that, then you’ll feel truly unlimited in your abilities do that.

  3. Yes it is a funny thing that many believe science to be the enemy of religion. As a woman of science and faith, I have always seen the two in the same light. I believe there is one source of all life and it is still evolving. All the chaos lately I think of as just the byproduct of humanity’s growing pains and to conform would stifle our evolution. So yes! Stay out of that game Donna! You have greater plans for your world!

  4. I agree oluwafemi. When our abilities are viewed through the lens of gratitude, we see just how miraculous our lives already are.

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