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528366_semi-precious_stonesBy: Elly

There are many commonly available semi-precious stones one can purchase on their own or in combination with each other to help alleviate physical or spiritual ailments.

Some of these are available for jewelry or charm making, or you can just purchase some chunks to keep around the house in the places you tend to frequent. You can find most of these at any chain of craft stores. Some have a wider selection than others, but look around and you’d be surprised by what you can find.

In the interest of brevity, I’m not going to list the entire catalogue of stones with special properties; I’m just going to start out with a kind of primer for a few stones that are easily obtainable.

Hematite is an excellent for soothing, and reducing blood pressure. It can also help as protection. You can find Hematite at most craft stores in many types of beads.

Quartz, depending on the color has many attributes, from healing, to focusing psychic energy. Rose Quartz heals the emotional and attracts love, promotes peace and love of self. Smoky Quartz can reduce depression or negativity and ground one’s emotions.

Aventurines are supposed to help in monetary issues, attracting luck and wealth, as well as increasing creativity and intellectual functions and providing a general sense of healing.

Turquoise is an all around useful stone. Turquoise is said to attract friendships, luck, and happiness as well as have healing properties, and the ability to release shame and guilt. Turquoise can also be used for protection from danger, pollution, and to strengthen one’s body.

Another stone with an abundance of uses is Tourmaline, multicolored can promote goodwill, balance, protection, focus and calmness. Black helps with panic, obsessions, neuroses, fears, and blocks negative energies. Pink aids in love, compassion, and emotional pain. Blue gives peace of mind and helps with speech or throat issues, green attracts prosperity and promotes cleansing. Watermelon is said to help with emotional pain and healing old wounds.

Amethyst is said to focus psychic energies, alleviate depression, and remove stress. Amethyst is also purported to increase serenity and aid with addictions.

Opal encourages loyalty, honesty, and faithfulness and is said to help during child birth.

Tiger’s Eye helps with manifesting one’s will, confidence, courage and clear thinking.

These are just a few examples of the different metaphysical properties of a handful of common semi-precious stones. Try making yourself a bracelet, talisman or amulet with some of these, experiment with different combinations.

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