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By: Lulu Gleason

Ah, yes Venus also known as the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. The planet Venus is also associated with Freyja in Norse Paganism. A fun fact about Venus is that in most Latin based languages such as French, Romanian, or Italian the word Friday will have the first three letters or pronunciation of Venus. (Example: the word Friday in Italian is Venerdi). In Chinese astrology Venus is associated with the element metal or gold.

So what does it mean when someone says something about how a person’s Venus is in the first house? Houses in Astrology are used to divide the horoscopes into 12 sections biased on the positions at the time of birth and your location of birth. It gives you a better insight to your sign and a better understanding of how your sign interacts within its astro life path

Venus in the First House
The first house is the House of Self in modern astrology, and having Venus in the first house gives you the advantage of being very warm and easy to befriend. Negative associations are passive-aggressive behavior that can be misconstrued as being ‘two-faced’, superficial charm and a need to be liked by others.

The first house is all about how you come across to others. With Venus in your first house you’ll show more characteristics of a mixture of the planets signs (Taurus and in older astrology Libra). You’ll find that people will see you’re more capable of balancing things within your life such as your social environment and being active in all areas of your relationships.

Venus in the Second House

The second house is the House of Value in modern astrology and having Venus in the second house gives you the advantage of being able to find quality talent, long lasting relationships, and wonderfully keen taste for whats going to be hot in the market. The second house is closely associated with the star sign Taurus and in older astrology Libra. Taurus in modern astrology is ruled by the planet Venus.

It has been said that when people have Venus in the second house they can have a tendency or characteristic in there personality of giving gifts to others with the expectation of something in return. Other sources say that Venus in the second house could mean they have a strong desire to gain wealth to feel socially acceptable or to obtain a status desired. The second house is all about how you spend your time and money, Venus is all about obtaining the best and having strong values. Be mindful of your financial surroundings and try not to expect too much back from others.

Venus in the Third House
The Third house is the House of Communication in modern astrology it is associated with the sign of Gemini. With Venus in the third house most people have interests in literature and poetry and the keen knack of being a rather harmonious diplomat in both speech and writing skills. You will have collected a lot of your friends and social contacts through your own neighborhood or through your intellectual pursuits.

Most notable positives are being able to restore peace even if it’s temporary, settling arguments and are usually likeable right away. Notable negatives are the tendency of being seen as ingenuine in compliments, engaging in a lot of mind games with others, and sometimes others might come to the conclusion that people with Venus in the third house have a way of twisting words around so that they don’t have to mean what they say or visa versa.

Venus in the Fourth House
The Fourth House is the House of Home and Family which is associated with the sign of Cancer. Most people with this astro placement seek to make things beautiful and harmonious in their domestic lives (i.e family, close friends, and romantic relationships).

Positive aspects of Venus in the fourth house are great eyes for interior designs, leaving loving and personal touches of your personality, making long and lasting impressions, are sentimental and can be very affectionate by nurturing. Negative aspects can include being too dependent on your spouse, being overly indulgent or overprotective of their children, and it’s been said that most people with Venus in the Fourth house will mirror their parents style when it comes to romantic relationships.

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