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By: Kal

Venus in the Fifth House
You started showing interest in people of the opposite sex when you were. You’re antic, amorous, sensual, and full of life. You adore any sort of attention – especially the romantic sort – and you always want to be doing something fun.

You love the finer things in life, beautiful and sensual things that remind you of the romantic side of life. Art, music, decadent food… You love it all. Sometimes you can make things a little dramatic but deep down, you just want to love and be loved in return. You’re an exciting person to be around.

Venus in the Sixth House
The love you show people is practical and indulgent. In fact, you’re the type of person who wants to do everything possible for your partner. You want to give them the world and everything in it; you want to protect them no matter what.

You’re not the kind to show off or be flowery and poetic in your affections, but you’re still very thoughtful. In fact, you’re the type to do small things that hold a much greater impact on your loved one. The problem, then, is that you sometimes second-guess your gestures and you sell yourself short. You might not provide the shiniest new thing for your loved one to adore, but you still give them a great deal to fawn over and admire.

Venus in the Seventh House
Relationships are the most important to you. Indeed, you hate the idea of being alone. A relationship means harmony and companionship, two things you crave. You always want to make sure that things are just right with your partner, regardless of the circumstances going on around you.

Sometimes, you bend too much and you never quite think of yourself, which leads to you being taken advantage of. You and your partner will always seem to be magnetically attached to one another, but you still find that you need a partner above all else. Your greatest drawback is that you may have shallow interests in partners; you must be careful not to rush headlong into new relationships without understanding the implications and responsibilities attached to that.

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