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By: Kal

Venus in the Eight House
When Venus is in the Eighth House, you may find yourself financially lucky. Even if you’re not, though, your partner might be, which means that you can enjoy some shared money together.

You’ll find yourself drawing ever closer to the people around you, healing and renewing the connection you have with them. If you’ve been argumentative lately, you’ll want to smooth over those hurt feelings and you’ll want to rekindle the intimacy between the two of you.

Venus in the Ninth House
You love the exotic; routine is too mundane and boring for you. Instead, you’re interested by anything that threatens to expand your horizons. Foreign people, places, and ideas are wholly embraced by you whenever you see them. A love interest who attracts you will be someone you’ve either never considered before or they will have an entirely different culture from yours.

You’re a person who loves the new and the exciting, which is why you probably work in foreign affairs or in public relations. You’re attractive to others right now, especially if they’re new and you’ve met them through travel. You focus more on the way you express your ideas rather than just what you’re saying, enticing people to you like a spider to a fly. Once you catch them, they’re entirely enthralled by you.

Venus in the Tenth House
In this cycle, you’re charming and charismatic. You might be in a position of authority, but people still look up to you. In fact, people want to impress you now that you’re in this position.

Here, you are friendly, kind, affectionate, and this will definitely spark some romantic opportunities. Even if you don’t get someone falling head over heels for you, you’ll definitely get people turning heads and you’ll be able to expand your social network. Embrace your ambitious side and show off what you can do.

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