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By: Lulu Gleason

If you weren’t aware before let me enlighten you. As of late April we’ve been feeling the effects of Venus in retrograde. Now a Venus retrograde is something that happens for a few weeks almost every year. The only thing is this year we’ve got Venus transit the sun which apparently won’t happen again until 2117. So what does it all mean? How is Venus the culprit for all this crazy relationship ups and downs we’ve all been experiencing? Let’s take a look at Venus and the events that should or have taken place.

Generally speaking, when Venus goes retrograde you’ll notice the small things like: doubting the love others give, feeling ‘let down’ by the level of commitment being given by others, perhaps you’ve been reconsidering before fully expressing your love and affections? Or as it sometimes has happened people can become obsessed with a love relationship during this time. You could find that during a retrograde you’re more aware of your external beauty, cash flow, or maybe you’re just coming up with all these new questions about your love life.

With this retrograde there’s more of a karmic feel to it. Because of the position of Charion (which squares Venus and makes us deal with inner pain from love) we should have seen some of our past love relationships coming out of the wood works. This is a period of time where we are literally forced to deal with our inner pain caused by being dumped, humiliated by infidelity or if you’ve caused these situations to others. Some of our more negative attitudes about love will be brought to light and all relationships seem to be heading towards stormy weather. Also I should note that any relationships that start during a retrograde will in most cases have past life connections or connections to the past.

We begin on May 15th. There seems to be nothing but scandals, trouble with relationships and enemies amongst women. But the more positive side to this is the great healing that’s coming from these events later on when the retrograde starts to end. Nothing major seems to happen again until the 27th were we’ll re-enter a trouble again but this time regarding affairs or some type of love triangle from the past. By June things start to tone down a bit but we won’t see the more loving, healing side of Venus until July when she exits the retrograde. So far the worst parts over. Now on to the future and hopefully some good news!

On the 5th of June, feelings should be in the ball park of intense. There’s an air of Love/Hate and thankfully due to the positions of the stars the focus will lean more towards love. By the 6th focus should be directed towards connecting with loved ones. I should also mention that from June 5th to June 6th will be the Transit of Venus across our sun. This event can be seen in the USA around sundown. This transit will bring a shift on a global scale. It’s going to be very transformational time full of powerful energy, revolution, and how we view the world will change.

From June 18th to July 8th we’ll start to see some major breakthroughs with relationships and the issues which have been causing all of us some problems will start to get resolution. During this time on the 24th of June, there will be a cosmic adjustment in relationships and how we love will change. Transformation during this time are more personal and have a positive feel to them as we are more able to deal with great change in a more loving kind of way.

On the 27th of June we’ll revisit the more negative aspects of our relationships but it’s just left over feelings from May and could be a way to enlighten you about the lessons learned at the beginning of the retrograde. But because of Saturn’s position you should feel more serious in regards to domestic relationships. Which thankfully to Saturn’s influence, you’ll be able to deal with any upsetting issues in a more mature way.

July is when Venus starts climbing out of the retrograde. From July 2nd to the 16th we’ll see communication lines open up in relationships. This will be the best time to be affectionate, resolving of tensions within relationships, and sharing. The climax (astrologically speaking) should be on July 5th where we could receive some unexpected news or some type of new information that will help us to heighten our awareness and growth.

So as we can see Venus has some tremendous effects over us and apparently she’s not done with some of her tricks up her sleeve. I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty positive now that Venus is seriously messing with my love life and I for one can’t wait until July when she runs out of tricks.

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