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By: Alex




Some things happened recently that made me wonder what was going on. One of them was having to tell a drive-through operator three times what I wanted. Another was being promised one thing by a manager and not getting it from an employee. I asked one of Foretell’s psychics (Kat) what the deal was. “Is it my job to wake people up?” She basically said yes.


That was an eye opener for me. I have done past life work for over 20 years and tried to release and heal what I could. I figured all that stuff has to stand in our way somehow and being free of it can only be good. But I never saw myself in the role of waking people up. I really thought only more advanced beings were capable of such things. However, if I think about it in more detail, that’s what the best teachers actually do.


For example, I had an english teacher in high school – this was around 1974 or so – who used to invite students to his house to meditate on the weekends. I went to his house a few times and I just thought the whole thing was cool. He was helping us to wake up, to see other possibilities.


This teacher was on the forefront of a new movement of people seeking higher answers to what was going on, people who were seeking spiritual truth. He didn’t present himself to us as any kind of guru – quite the opposite. But he got in trouble at school because his views were more open than most and he did things differently. Some people (parents) were threatened by that.


My next spiritual teacher came along when I got out of the Army around 1991. I was pretty lost at the time. Jan, a metaphysical teacher, really helped me out. She was into flower essences and affirmations, among other things. I think she had also done a lot of release work. She was the clearest person I had met up to that time. I think she had been Joan of Arc in a previous life. I was pretty awestruck by her and to this day I still try to follow what she taught.


A few years later I did some past life workshops in Colorado with Dr. Verna Yater, who was from Santa Barbara, California. She was a psychic, trance channel and healer. She has since passed on, but she was truly remarkable in many ways. The things that happened in her workshops were amazing. It was pretty clear to me that she was here to help us wake up. Sometimes I would drift off during our group sessions and she would always call me back to the present moment.


So just what is waking up? We all have things inside us that keep us from acknowledging the truth. Waking up is the process of going from a state of denial to a state of recognition of truth. In the grand scheme of things, it’s basically going from a state of ignorance to a state of enlightenment.


Waking up can be difficult. From time to time we all get confronted with things that we don’t like, things that make us look bad, or things that are inconvenient. Usually if we look deeper, there is some element of truth in those situations that we don’t want to acknowledge because it’s too painful, or just too much.


Writing this blog has been difficult for me because I am not completely sure I understand all that I am writing about. I always thought that a writer should know their subject inside out and be something of an expert on it. Unfortunately I cannot make that claim in this particular case. I have to remind myself occasionally that there is always the possibility that I could be totally wrong about everything. All I can say for sure is that something has changed, and it is causing me to notice the discrepancy between what people say, or what is promised to me, and what they do, or what is actually delivered.


Maybe my expectations are out of whack, but there does often seem to be a big difference between what appears on the surface and what’s really going on underneath. It’s important to distinguish the two. I seem to be calling that to people’s attention more often lately but I don’t think they really appreciate that. Like the guy in the Matrix movie, they just want to go back to sleep. Sometimes I do too.




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