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By: Elly

Color therapy, some times also referred to as Chromo therapy or colorology, is a homeopathic practice which uses color or light to balance energy and promote healing either physically, mentally, or spiritually. One of our psychics Shawna (7035) brought the idea of Color Therapy to my attention.

Have you ever noticed that certain colors seem to have an effect on your mood or feelings? I certainly have! You might be wondering; which colors do what? Not everyone responds to colors the same way, or to the same degree. I’ve always noticed, for instance, bright yellows seem to make me feel energized and happy, and blues calm me.

There are different methods and applications for color therapy; one use is to stimulate the chakras. The first chakra all the way at the bottom of your spine is associated with the color red, and helps with survival and grounding. The second is in your stomach; it correlates with the color orange, and pertains to your emotions and sexuality.

The third chakra is at the solar plexus and is yellow, this regards your power and ego. The fourth is your heart. It’s linked with green, love, and responsibility. The fifth, which is in your throat is coupled with blue and is tied to your physical and spiritual communication.

The sixth chakra, represented by indigo or purple is where your third eye is, just above your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead. This chakra is the center for compassion, forgiving, and understanding. The last chakra, the seventh is at the crown of your head and is indicated by the color violet. This chakra connects you to universal energies and helps with the transmission of ideas and information.

So part of the theory of color therapy is that by being exposed to the various colors of your chakras, or other colors derived from them, situations can be improved in those specific areas. It’s also said that certain colors can help things like dyslexia. A lot of it is just theoretical, but exposing your self to color and colorful things is wonderful, even if nothing at all is wrong.

If you’re interested there are plenty of books on this topic, and you can always ask Shawna (7035) about it, I am sure she’ll be very excited to tell you more! She is caring, compassionate and understanding, so if there’s anything you’d like to talk about she is a great choice. Shawna does not have a regular schedule with us, so if you’d like to talk to her just give us a call and one of our friendly customer service reps can put you on her call list.
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