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By: Kal

You may notice on our site than some of our psychics are listed as “empathic.” These are people who are sensitive to the emotions of people around them to the point that they can practically feel what’s going on in a person’s life.

A person who is empathic can feel out a person’s troubles when they’ve only said a few words. In fact, sometimes, empaths are capable of feeling other people’s emotions better than their own because of their outward sensitivity.

Empaths can potentially see other people’s auras, but that sort of thing isn’t even necessary for these gifted people. They can just sense the emotion on others and it can be both a rewarding and painful experience.

Empaths can often find themselves overwhelmed by the people around them. They’re always being flooded with emotions, like how a sponge soaks up all of the water around it. They internalize the problems people have and this is what makes them excellent listeners and caring individuals.

They are oftentimes quiet individuals when they’re not counseling others because that is truly their calling in life. They want to be there for other people and they want to use their gifts to help make people happy.

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