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By: Rudy R Collins



I’m sure every woman has asked the following questions: Why do men need sex so much? Although this is not suggesting that women do not want it, in fact most women want their husband to be more romantic and less sexual, and most men want their wife to be more erotic and less sentimental.


When we were small, our needs were different and that was clear. Baby girls and boys have different wants, have different attitudes and personalities. And when they grow they have different interests too. So men and women naturally have different needs and wants. Each is different physically, psychologically, emotionally and temperamentally.


So it’s not surprising that we are also not equal sexually. Women feel great ecstasy with just a hug and cuddle with their partner, but men depends on sex to be truly satisfied.


Women tend to perceive the male sexual desire as a strictly physical satisfaction. However, one study showed that 97% of men say that having sex is not enough, and that what is even more important is to feel appreciated by his partner. So, when a woman has sex with someone she met, and does so without interest or desire, that makes a man feel empty.


For a lady, what is paramount in a relationship is communication. The most important thing for them is to feel respected and coveted. Women must understand that sex for men is equal to verbal communication in women. So, the pain that they feel when their partner fails to tell them what they need to know is equal to the pain men feel when they are ignore or when the experience of intimacy is denied.


When a man wants to make love and a woman says, “my head hurts”, “I’m tired”, “I have no desire” she will hurt his fragile ego and destroy his self-esteem. According to psychologists, if a man’s sex life is unhealthy they feel bad about himself and his partner.


If you think the sexual desire of a man is simply something physical, then you will feel used, unloved and disinterested in making love. You should understand why men need sex so much. Women should also understand that men’s desire for sex is not purely physical pleasure and unless women understand men’s nature in this aspect they will always feel unloved and unwanted, when in fact many men associate lovemaking with real love.


The male heart is more tender than you thought, and men thinks the same for women, but both actually want the same thing, the only thing is that they ask their selves differently.



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