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By: J Nighteagle



A long time ago, Anansi the spider had all the wisdom in the world stored in a huge pot. Nyame, the sky god, had given it to him. Anansi had been instructed to share it with everyone. Every day Anansi looked in the pot and learned different things. The pot was full of wonderful ideas and skills. Anansi greedily thought “ I will not share the treasure of knowledge with everyone. I will keep all the wisdom for myself.” So Anansi decided to hide the wisdom on top of a tall tree. He took some vines and made some strong string and tied it firmly around the pot, leaving one end free. He than tied the loose end around his waist so that the pot hung in front of him. He than started to climb the tree. He struggled as he climbed because the pot of wisdom kept getting in his way, bumping against his stomach.


Anansi”s son watched in fascination as his father struggle up the tree. Finally Anansi son told him, “ if you tie the pot on your back, it will be easier to cling to the tree and clime.”  Anansi tied the pot on his back instead, and continued to climb the tree with much more ease. When Anansi got to the top of the tree, he became angry. “ A young one with common sense knows more than I, and I have the pot of wisdom!” in anger Anansi threw down the pot of wisdom. The pot broke and pieces of wisdom flew in every direction. People found the bits scattered everywhere, and if they wanted they could take some home to there family and friends.


That is why, to this day, no one person has all the world”s wisdom. People everywhere share small pieces of it when ever they exchange ideas.

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