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By: Lulu Gleason
So as we all know there’s another installment to the saga of Twilight with Breaking Dawn out in theaters recently. And it’s been rumored quite a lot that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has been an item through out their time playing the immortal characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to do a basic analysis of their relationship based on Astrology. Now this is a very lose interpretation as I was not able to complete their charts due to birth time information. Hopefully I’ve gotten close with the limited information I was able to pull. So what do the stars say about this sexy couple if they continue with this relationship they may or may not have?

The individuals:

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) is an Aries. She enjoys a good challenge and has a child like charm. She’s one to play fair and things like sneaky behavior, violence and rage are offensive to her. She wants to be considered accomplished and important while facing her harder obstacles. She’s conflicted a lot internally because she needs one thing but wants another.

She’s very diplomatic in the sense that she’s capable of viewing both sides of the coin in any given situation. Her moon sign is in Libra so she’s got a strong need for a partnership and she can feel that void when someone isn’t there to share her with. It’s not uncommon to see people with this placement involved in marriages or living situations early on in life.

With her Venus in Pisces, she comes off as a dreamer or someone who’s extremely soft-hearted. She’s got an air of romance and sensitivity so letting her know that the love she’ll get from her partner is unconditional has great importance. Her Mars is in Aquarius which makes Kristen a bit unique and original when it comes to her views of the world as well as her pride in her independence. Honestly there’s a method to her madness even if it’s hard to follow. In the end she’ll get what she wants.

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) is a Taurus. He’s the solid type who’s always dependable. He’s sensual in all areas such as food, sex, and environment. When working this means he’ll be working hard with a steady effort that will pay off to his liking. Security is very important and it will most likely be a driving force behind this guy.

His moon sign is in cancer so he’s very capable of getting in touch with others feelings and moods. There is a tendency to cling to things like home, the people he cares for or the memories of the past. This is not good because some have said with moon in its native place on a persons chart is a usual sign Robert won’t forget anything.

This could mean he’ll try to ‘draw blood from a stone’ about issues from the past especially if it was an emotional event. There is a sense of humor that’s very attractive and charming. He’s caring, homey and likes the comforts of his little world. With his Mars in Capricorn there’s a subdued and controlled style to life. He’ll like to stay on top of things and generally he’ll display a goal oriented personality. This means he’s on the low key but his determination will get him through to places he wants to go.

As a Couple:
There’s a chance that this couple will have frequent disputes with the tendency of placing them on the back burner because they want to keep the peace. This really isn’t a good thing for the long run. They’ll get along well enough and they do seem to truly enjoy each others interests and tastes.

There’s a passionate type of love here with a great deal of affection between the two. They can create a stable environment which could lead to a quite life together. Since Robert’s sun trines Kristen’s Saturn this means she could press some dominance which could make it difficult on him to accept. But Kristen’s Saturn will bring security which will make Robert feel much better about this dominance.

There is a chance that Robert will resist Kristen on things like marriage on a formal level because of his need for freedom. No worries, there’s a level of respect between the two because they appreciate what the other can bring to the table. There’s a feeling from both Robert and Kristen that makes them feel that this relationship has forced them to grow which is a very good sign of endurance.

The only cautions I would advise is that these two need to be completely honest with one another because deceptions have a way of coming out so both need to be wary of living in fantasy land instead of reality. The reality check will be one that will bring great disappointment if honesty isn’t involved.

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