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Hi, Psychics foretell, I am writing about my reading with Michael for those contemplating a reading. I knew I had to find a special psychic that could read my feelings and that of the man I love. Michael told me things that no one else could. Most importantly that this man would return to the same city in 6 months. I thought Michael was wrong. In fact, I was sure of it. Simply because the situation seemed impossible. Well it turns out he was right about his month 6 months to the day. What is important for you to know is the man that I love and I have not been in contact whatsoever which makes it difficult yet Michael talent’s are really good for figuring out what the other person is feeling and he is able to see how to make things in your life happen. With Michael, you can get answers right away or sometimes he takes his time to answer your question. Either way it is wise to get a 30 minute reading with him and no less. He is able to read someone like me who is intuitive (psychics usually get me wrong) and can read through anxiety and other emotions you may have during the reading. He is honest and kind. I have contacted him on several occasions and most of the time he was right on!

M.J.B. from ON, Canada


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I am new to PsychicsForetell.com. I have had 3 readings with Michael and he is wonderful. He is so sweet and really cares about me and what I am going through. The reason I called him was because for about 15 years I have been in a relationship on and off again. This person and I had a son 9 years ago and I was just so very depressed and I had bad thoughts about the situation. The person recently told me he was with a woman and that woman was pregnant. It isn’t his but this still hurt me so badly. So I decided to look for a really accurate psychic. I googled it and psychics foretell came up. I researched how they pick the psychics and the testimonials and gravitated towards Michael. He helped me understand why all of this was happening and that we will be together again around Thanksgiving. He also said we are soul mates and that we have had to fight to be together in all of our past lives. Crazy I said!! Wow, that is amazing. Trust me my life like others has been very hard. I feel confident that Michael’s predictions will come true but I also can’t wait to call him once it happens. Michael said when I call him after it comes true that will be the biggest reward. Michael also told me we would have 2 more children (twins?) and the funny thing about that is the doctors all told me not to have anymore because of my risks with my first child. So I am just over the moon excited to see my life unfold finally! Michael will be ever in my debt. I have had other readings and they have all said negatives or no him and I won’t make it. Michael saw that I had those experiences with other psychics and he knew that he and I made a concrete connection. I am so very grateful to Michael and I definitely want to find out more about my past and how to make this life as good as I can. I call all the time even though I lost my job and don’t have much money. I know that isn’t smart but my happiness and sanity means more to me than being broke! I hope to call Michael again very soon! He is the determination I need to keep going through such a difficult time in my life. Michael did say it would get harder, so I thank him for preparing me for the battle! He also makes me feel confident and that I can conquer my lessons in this life! Thank you Michael for all the hope and confidence you have brought to my life. Thank you.

S.B. from CA, Usa


 Third Place: Winner of a FREE 10 Minute reading –

Margie is my favorite. She is a very spiritually attuned experienced reader. I love her crystal clear and detailed vision. She will tell you exactly how she sees it, the good, and the bad. This is GREAT because having the insight gives you time to work on things. She will tell you even the eye color of people, hair color, clothing, environment, she finds lost items and will forewarn you of any danger she sees. I look forward to speaking with her everyday as she is definitely an Angel sent to guide us. Thank you Margie.

 – A.M. from CA, Usa


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