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In ancient world, the science of well – being and healthy life originated and developed in the wake of the rational and spiritual stirrings of the Vedic civilization, manifest in the oldest surviving books in the world, the Vedas. Yoga originated from Samkhya – Yoga, two of the six treams (shad darshanas) of vedic philosophy and t oldest cogent philosophy in the world.


It postulates a primordial energy that takes diverse forms and when modified, leads to the manifestation of our familiar mental and physical realm. Thus the unity of mind and matter is a basic philosophical postulate in any form of Yoga. Hot yoga lay stress on a way of life in harmony with the world we live in, which brings forth mental and physical well – being and good health. Yoga is the path to mental and physical well being through a long and healthy life!


Rawr yoga Dubai embrace this wholesome practice to offer our practitioners from far and wide the best preventive healthcare in the world and a way to peace and happiness through healthy body and mind by practicing the hot yoga. For those who have some practical knowledge of hot yoga, its benefits are self revelatory. The regular practice of hot yoga sessions at Rawr Yoga Dubai help to optimize the function of the organs , muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels and other components of the body through scientific postures (called asanas) and combines these with breathing techniques.


Meditation or the technique to make the mind still, is also an integral part of Yoga. What is generally called yoga today is Hatha-Yoga, the most popular physical exercise regime of the contemporary world. However, Hatha- Yoga is just one, but the most powerful of the multitudes of streams of yogic transition that ultimately flow back to one single ocean, comprising a holistic system generally called Yoga. The Bikram yoga or hot yoga is the combination of the strongest hatha yoga postures which are 26 in total and known as Asanas combined with the breathing exercises or pranayamas.


“Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of you; first by creating a strong and powerful body and mind. It is a starting point from which you can begin to realize your human spirit.”, says Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga.


Hot yoga practices are meant for the initial conditioning of body and considered as a preparatory stage of physical purification that the body practices to qualify for higher meditation or Yoga. Hot yoga means, the union of the body and mind, the union of the subject and the object, the merging of the seer and the seen.




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